Military, Police & Industrial Security applications.

Access Control Products

Roadshark International Inc. manufactures a complete line of access control products for Military, Police and Industrial Security applications. 13 years of Continuous improvement has resulted in the development of reliable and durable spike barrier products.

Exclusive Partner

Latar Company is the exclusive partner of Roadhark International in Iraq.

Our Products

Surface Mounted Traffic Spikes – Tire Shredder

Heavy-duty spring-loaded blades, blade size and angle is adjustable. Spring tension is also adjustable. A surface mounted barrier with electric motorized controller is available.

Low Profile Traffic Spikes – Tire Shredder

Our Low profile LP model is installed in the roadway so that the barrier frame is flush with the roadway. The top of the Roadshark LP model coverplate rests 3/8 inch above the road surface which prevents rainwater from flowing into the Roadshark frame.

Magnumspike Spike Strips Distributor

Distributor of Magnum Spike police spike belts, also known as Spike Strips or Tire Deflation Devices (TDDs). MagnumSpike is a superior product with a proven track record, serving Law Enforcement, Department of Homeland Defence and military agencies since 1986.