Jan van As

Product Development

Fresh Fish Company Jan van As is continuously developing new products. Innovating our assortment is constantly under our attention. Apart from a large and deep assortment, skilled professionals work to provide you those products that meet your specific needs.


We are proud to be able to say that since 14 March 2002 Fresh Fish Trader Jan van As is thé HACCP-certified supplier for the catering business and traders in the Netherlands (see certificate issued by Lloyd’s). This system of food safety plays a central role in our organisation. Apart from this, Sterlab performs an audit once every 8 weeks to guarantee the hygiene within our company.


Fresh Fish Trader Jan van As is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), an independent international organisation co-founded by the Worldwide Fund for Nature which promotes ecologically responsible fish production around the world. Alaska Salmon, Burry Intel Cockles, Pacific Albacore Tuna and North Sea Herring fall under MSC certification and are included in our range


What this means for you is that we, apart from delivering fish, look for ways to reduce costs and try to work with themes to generate more turnover from the seasons!

By evaluating results regularly together we aim to create a ‘total partnership’, in which you play a central role.

Apart from the quotation(pricelist) there is the possibility of working with products that vary weekly. This offers you the opportunity to vary with products of outstanding quality which have an attractive price-setting at that time. To accomplish this in the most effective way possible good communication is essential. We aim to achieve this by means of our e-mail which informs you about our fresh products and of course by our daily and personal approach.

Deliveries will take place on agreed schedule with the airliner.

To summarize the above

Daily personal approach

Tailor made orders

Central person of contact

The time of delivery will be determined with

Delivery 2 days a week

Net-net calculations

HACCP / MSC certified

Large assortment

Service 7 days a week, personal contact possible 24 hours a day