Hallmark in Engineered Timber Doors

Sandor Doors

Built to stand the test of time, manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001:2008. Featuring minimalist designs from contemporary to rustic, with innovations such as fire resistant doors and engineered cores using Eco-friendly materials.

Authorized Agent

Latar Company is an authorized agent for Sandor doors.

Our Products & Solutions

Residential Apartments

Sandor door solutions for residential spaces, from high-end luxury condominiums to more affordable apartments, will satisfy various performance requirements whilst incorporating design flair. Our doors, especially in common areas, are built to function smoothly and include a degree of security and access control

Functionality & Aesthetics

High-rise buildings present special fire safety concerns. Fire-rated doors can help contain the spread of fire and provide a safe exit passage for residents. All Sandor Fire Resistant Doors are designed, engineered, tested and certified to various international standards of stability, integrity and insulation.

Doors add to a building’s aesthetic appeal. Sandor has a wide array of door finishes to help you create attractive communal and living interiors.

Residential Houses & Villas

We have built a reputation for delivering high quality, low maintenance doors that will perform for years to come.

Doors add to a property’s aesthetic appeal. Sandor has a wide array of door finishes to help you create attractive communal and living interiors.

Hotels & Serviced Suites

Solutions for the hospitality sector from high-traffic lobby and utility areas to private guest rooms and back of the house operations, every door has its own design and functional requirements.

We offer solutions to fit every need and budget, from high-end luxury hotels, residences, to simple and comfortable budget hotels.


Hotels experience high traffic volumes throughout the day from guests, diners, conference attendees and hotel personnel. We are acutely aware that durability and reliability are key concerns.


Quiet rooms are important for the comfort of guests. We manufacture high quality acoustic-rated doors that can reduce or eliminate noise transmission, especially between rooms.


Good design do not have to be compromised by safety and security considerations. Sandor doors come with many options for materials, finish and appearance so that our customers can achieve true design flexibility.

Why Choose Us?

Exceptional quality: backed by 30 years of experience and a reputation for meeting excellent quality standards.

Full range of products: a wide choice of non-fire rated and fire-rated doors, windows, jambs, architraves, frames and locks.

Design innovation: new ideas in design made possible by the latest cutting edge technologies.

Environmental friendly: Fully committed to conserving the environment.

Sandor products comply with the stringent quality requirements and environmental concerns from the respective markets.