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Signature Kitchen & Wardrobe, built on trust with reliable quality and innovative kitchen designs, since 1994. We have been able to strive for growth and provide clients with kitchen cabinets and wardrobes as solutions for good living space management.

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Latar Company is an authorized agent for Signature Kitchen.

Our Products & Solutions

Sleek Linear

Precise lines, seamless surfaces and handleless panels combine to create sleek, minimalist design statements that eliminate any hint of domestication in the kitchen.

Contemporary Charm

This collection presents a refreshing appeal in its delicate and clean lines, with charming accents such as obvious handles and door pulls.

Designed to endure the tides of kitchen fashion to remain timelessly chic.

Simply Natural

Taking inspiration from Mother Nature and let the beauty of natural material such as oak to shine through.

Natural wood elements are portrayed in this collection with a contrast in the fine horizontal and vertical wood grain details on the door frames.

Pure enjoyment in a warm and natural ambience.

Rustic Country

Traditional country kitchen design takes a dive into a fresher, more relaxed realm with modern crafted elements.

A classic design with understated elegance and hints of vintage or baroque elements, while rich earthy tones create a homey atmosphere.

A modern interpretation of country style kitchens.